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Friday, January 31, 2014

Long Live the Fighters!

As it turns out 2014 is the 30th Anniversary of David Lynch and Dino de Laurentiis' movie Dune.  Completely faithful to the book? Not hardly. But an enjoyable movie and to my mind a wonderful visualization of the Universe of the book.

In honor of the 30th Anniversary here are a couple of links to some "never seen before" concept art and stories about the production. HERE, and HERE


Blogger Jar(egg)head said...

While the SciFi Channel version was more faithful to the books, I found the David Lynch film more visually compelling. The universe seems simultaneously more alive and more exotic in his realization. Of course, Lynch was working with one of the largest budgets of any movie ever filmed, where the SciFi version was more shoestring in nature.

I think William Hurt did a great job as Leto Atreides. Hurt's performance better illustrated the complexity of the character than did Jurgen Prochnow's, in my opinion. I'm something of a William Hurt fanboy, however, and he had more screen time with which to work than did Prochnow, so take that for what it's worth.


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