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Monday, November 20, 2017

Semper Fidelis

No Government For You

Muslim ass-kisser Angela Merkel has failed to form a government after elections in Germany split the parliament into a multitude of opposing factions with no clear majorities.

In desperation, Merkel has been trying to get the Greens and the centrist pro-business party to form a coalition government with her party as the nominal head. That wasn't likely to happen at the best of times. With hordes of Muslims overrunning the country and the EU about to fly apart at the seams, this is definitely not "the best of times." In the end, Merkel may have to call for emergency elections and step aside.

The leftists and statists, both in the US and Europe, have spent the last eight years playing all their best cards. It didn't work out the way they thought it would, and now it's time to pay the bill.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Old Donks

Monica Showalter talks about the Democrats' aging and shrinking field of socialists whom they can shove to the front:

Like the old gray men of the Kremlin, the Democratic Party is led by gerontocrats. Like their socialist counterparts from that bygone era in the 1980s, they just don't want to leave. Nancy Pelosi's recent insistence on staying, despite her obvious health failings, is but one example, and there are others. According to Mike Allen's Axios, the top three Democrats in the House leadership are all near 80 years old. And it extends to the Democrats who'd like to unseat President Trump in the next election.

The gerontocratic phenomenon suggests that with Obama gone, Democrats have entered a picture of late-stage socialism.

There is an old Soviet joke about this issue, descriptive in a story about the great Siberian railroad. When the train traveling on it broke down in the middle of nowhere, its engineer at the helm, Vladimir Lenin, ordered everyone on it to get out from the train and push. When the train broke down again, Joe Stalin was at the helm and ordered the NKVD to shoot half and tell the other half they'll be shot too if they don't push. The train broke down again under Khrushchev, and this time, saboteurs wrecked the tracks. Khrushchev ordered the passengers to take the tracks from the back of the train and move them to the front. The train broke down again under gerontocratic Leonid Brezhnev. He ordered the passengers to pull down the shades and bounce up and down to give the impression that the train was moving.

This really cuts to the heart of the matter: Hillary was their closer. She was gonna step onto the mound and cinch it for the socialists as they finally re-made the country into their long-awaited "utopia." Instead, she threw a game-losing grand slam, and Trump is now gleefully disassembling everything they've painstakingly put into place over the last three decades. So now the leftists are throwing tantrums and jumping up and down on the seats.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017



Wednesday, November 08, 2017

After Brexit

British conservative politician and Eurosceptic Daniel Hannan speaks out on Jolly Ol' England post-Brexit:

Well, I have to say almost all of the predictions of woe that we were given during the campaign have turned out to be nonsense. We were told that house prices would collapse, but they’ve risen. We were told that unemployment would go up by half a million. It’s fallen every month; there’s now more people in work than ever before in U.K. history. We were told that exports would stutter, that manufacturing would collapse. Both have risen. We were told that there would be a technical recession in 2016. We, in fact, grew faster in the six months after the vote than we had in the six months before and finished 2016 as the fastest growing major economy in the world. We were told that there would be a stock exchange collapse. We weren’t told that that would be the Italian stock exchange, and that British stocks would be the strongest performing in Europe.

In other words, kicking the Eurocrat parasites to the curb and reclaiming their national identity (what the Muslims have left of it, anyway) turns out to be the best thing Brits have done since Wellington kicked Napoleon's ass up betwixt his shoulder blades. Who would have seen that coming? Oh, right; everybody with a functioning brain. Which leaves socialists out in the cold, of course.

On every measure, it’s worked out well. The bizarre thing is that people are so locked into which side they were on during the referendum that a number of people just won’t see the good news, and will carry on obsessively repeating and retweeting every prediction, every forecast that suggests that things are going to get worse in defiance of all the good news of the last 500 days that they just choose not to see. By the way, at the top of that list even more deranged than our own remainers, is The New York Times, who are describing a world that no one in Britain recognizes.

No surprise. The New York Times lives in a world no one recognizes. Never exactly a paragon of facts, the Times is now nothing more than a mouthpiece for leftist propaganda. The paper has been in receivership for years and would have failed long ago absent being propped up by wealthy powermongers like that Nazi collaborator George Soros.

As for those British citizens who obstinately refuse to see that things are getting better after leaving the doomed-to-fail European Union... Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you may have to drown the stupid fucker in the end.

Adventures in Syntax


Tuesday, November 07, 2017



Defund the Left's Propagandists

Stop Forcing Taxpayers to Fund Public Broadcasting

NPR and PBS insist they just report the news with no bias. And it is true that NPR, PBS, et al, do not broadcast government propaganda. (If they did, they wouldn’t be so hard on the Trump administration.)

What they do represent are the views of a particular group—those of the politically correct elite left—whose assumptions frame public affairs programming on public broadcasting.

This group is comprised of a bien pensant coalition of government bureaucrats, academics, entertainers, philanthropists, ethnic group activists, corporate leaders, etc., many of whom control America’s cultural institutions.

This coalition is an updated version of the “managerial elite,” which the political theorist James Burnham warned would come to rule industrial societies. The views of this group almost always favor government control of or involvement in everything from health care to the environment to the media.

They are what contributor Vizigoth refers to as "the C-suite people." You don't have to work long for a big corporation or a government bureaucracy to realize that the bigger the organization, the more aggressively the Peter Principle is applied. With rare exceptions, every managerial-level employee I've encountered outside of small business was a splendid example of Americanus moronicus.

PBS and NPR have been successfully used as vehicles by these people for decades. Just watch any PBS show and you'll see a litany of foundations and organizations which contributed to it. Those are fronts for Big Corporate Money -- the people in cahoots with the politicians, universities and Hollywood, the people who want everything to be run in a nice, efficient corporate manner from the top down. We filthy peasants must be made to stop questioning our betters and do what we're told.

That, by the way, is what all the politicians and Hollywoodites really hate about Trump. You see, he used to be one of them. He was a "player," moving in all the right circles, spreading money about for the various causes. But then an aging Donald Trump -- who had made so much money he had effectively joined the hallowed ranks of the old industrialist barons -- he saw his chance to leave his own legacy by pissing on their heads. All those people who thought they were manipulating him, he turned the tables on them. The more they growl, the louder he laughs and the stronger he pees.

Donald Trump is hated by those people for the same reason they hated Ronald Reagan. Like Reagan, Trump has lived inside the machine. He knows their tricks and he knows where all the secrets are kept... and that terrifies them.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Joe McCarthy was right

Nearly 1 In 5 Millennials Consider Joseph Stalin And Kim Jong Un ‘Heroes’

One-half of millennials and one-third of Americans would prefer to reside in a socialist or communist nation instead of a capitalist democracy, according to the poll.

“One in five (23%) of Americans age 21-29 consider Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin a ‘hero’; 26% for Vladimir Lenin; 23% for Kim Jong Un,” the study notes. Furthermore, over one-fifth of millennials surveyed had a positive opinion of Karl Marx.




I thought the cross on the roof was an especially deft touch. Hey, at least it's properly secured, right? Wouldn't want it to break loose on the road and cause someone to die of impalement on a cross...

Thursday, November 02, 2017