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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dead Gorgeous

Zombie grooming secrets from "The Walking Dead," courtesy of make-up supervisor Greg Nicotero. This bit is amusing:

"The walkers sit together during lunch. The bloodier they are, the less people want to sit next to them. I sit with them, and people will look at me like, How can you eat your lunch across from somebody with half a face?"

Being in customer relations, I'll often end up eating lunch across from somebody with half a brain. The effect is about the same.

I knew it!

Aiding the Enemy


A massive anti-deportation infrastructure has emerged to try to protect illegal immigrants from President Trump’s crackdown, with advocacy groups coaching potential deportees on how to massage encounters with police, and lawyers and judges working to shield them from charges that would make them priorities for deportation.

The solution is very simple: throw them in jail. Not the illegals; send them home. Throw the lawyers and judges in jail. They are knowingly violating federal law by aiding and abetting illegal aliens. They believe the rules do not apply to them. They are arrogantly and openly flaunting their defiance of the rule of law. That is toxic to a civilization and there is only one solution for such behavior: immediate and harsh action. Throw them into a federal pen, general population. A few assfuckings by 300-pound ferals and that shit will stop post-fucking-haste.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Left Out In The Coal

Power-starved Africa develops appetite for coal, dismisses environmental concerns in West

“If you cook on an open fire, have no electricity and go to bed hungry, you don’t lie awake wondering about the virtue of coal, gas or solar. And if there’s no electricity in your town, there’s not much investment and no new jobs.”

Abundant and cheap energy is the source of wealth. It creates jobs, reduces crime, increases leisure time, and generally makes everyone more comfortable and pleasant to be around.

Coal built the British Empire and the United States, the two greatest powers the world has ever seen, and created a higher standard of living for the average citizen than had ever existed before. Coal is abundant and it's relatively easy to obtain. Coal plants are simple to run and low-maintenance in comparison to every other form of energy generation. A subsidized coal initiative in Africa could increase the standard of living and reduce internecine conflict by orders of magnitude in mere decades. But we can't have that! Coal is dirty and makes the pretty birdies sad.

If the left really cared about people as they claim to, they'd be pulling out all the stops to help the denizens of Africa build coal mines and power plants, thereby improving their lives immeasurably. But of course it's not other people that liberals really care about, it's their own egos that drive their every word and action. It speaks volumes about who they really are that the environmentalists would happily sacrifice the comfort and longevity of millions of people on the altar of their evil goddess Gaia.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Starting to smell the coffee

Common sense is threatening to break out in France:

France’s presidential hopeful, Marine Le Pen, called for a halt to immigration, saying in the lead-up to the first round of elections that all the refugees running across the border are decimating the country’s culture.

It’s a boldness that’s leaving the conservative firebrand wide open to attack — just as President Donald Trump, expressing similar rhetoric, did in recent campaign times. Look at her words, as recorded by UPI: “I would decide on a moratorium on all legal immigration to stop this frenzy, this uncontrolled situation that is dragging us down.”

Oh, the leftoids and progtards in the press will attack her, no doubt about that. But the voters in Europe are getting tired of watching their countries get overrun by a bunch of unwashed Muslim goatfuckers. The upcoming elections in several major European nations are likely to turn into bloodbaths for lefty politicos.

When a French politician has become the touchstone of sanity in Europe, you know they're in deep merde.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Silly meme, everyone knows reddit is where the Joint Chiefs hang

Friday, April 14, 2017

Conversion Completed

Witness the CB in her completed state post-ball-up:

Front to back:

The fairing is a speed-shop special cheapo universal type. Took a little hacking to make it fit, but it closely resembles the old 70s CB fairings which could be special ordered from the factory. The more precise replicas carry a more precise price tag.

The bar is a Bikemaster Clubman from MC Superstore. I purposely turned it down at a rather sharp angle to get good lean-in ergonomics for hard cornering. This produces a forward riding position and requires I stay in shape to ride it, (not a problem; I've been hitting the gym five days a week for a couple years now and am back in fighting trim). It's necessary for aggressively riding this steed, however, as the rigid frame and rear dual damper suspension arrangement result in quite a lot of jitters when you push it down to the pegs. Being able to keep my weight forward and over the down-side settles her and smooths things out nicely.

Bar-end mirrors are Amazon specials. It required more work than I anticipated to fit them, as Honda uses a proprietary anti-vibration system. There is an interior sleeve in each end with a hole in it for the bar-end weights on the stock set-up. I had to extract those sleeves from the original bar -- they are glued in -- and reassemble them in the new bars with an end gap for the mirror plugs. This results in slightly more vibration due to the loss of the bar-end weights, but I nullified most of that with rubber stripping in the tree clamp. Works well, though the mirrors sometimes turn under wind pressure above 100 mph. Ahem.

The muffler, such as it is, is an Auto Zone special. A couple pieces of exhaust pipe, a bolt and hose clamp, a baffle (sawed in half) from J&P Cycles for back-pressure, and a can of high-heat black paint. Has a great sound and the off-throttle back-rumbling is quite impressive. You can keep it quiet by running at low RPMs, but if you drop a gear and rap on it -- oh my. Itz de LOWD. Legal, too. It's already passed state inspection. The only tricky bit is that the stop for the center stand was attached to the original muffler, so I had to take it off that thing and get it properly positioned on the new "assembly." I was going to weld it, but then came to my senses and just bolted it on. Me and an arc welder rarely produce a pretty result.

Side-mount license plate bracket is another Amazon special. It's one of those modular ones with a bracket that can be used in several orientations. I got lucky because it bolted straight into the hole left by the absent bracket for the old muffler. It holds the plate at a 45 degree angle around the vertical, which is perfectly visible from back or side, and the angle keeps it tucked in around the rear damper for a cleaner look, (i.e., it doesn't stick out off the side of the bike). Again, it passed inspection. If they're happy, I'm happy.

The fender, obviously, is a straight chop job. The taillight is a ten-dollar J&P special that just happened to fit the 70s theme very well. I built a custom bracket and attached it to the back of the frame. The rear turn signals are arrowheads, also from J&P, my sole concession to modernity. Cagers tend drive around in a mental fog, presenting an ever-present threat to my existence. Arrows are more specific and unusual, and thus more likely to get their attention.

I decided to leave the seat. I considered a cafe-style racing seat, but I eventually decided it didn't fit the theme. This is more of a 70s rat-bike street brawler than a cafe conversion, and the stock bi-level conveys that better, in my opinion.

What you can't see (hopefully) is the brute force work that went into her. Sledge hammers, pry bars and angle grinders all featured prominently in the process. Every time I got sweaty and pissed off while hacking on it, I told myself "You crashed it, douchenozzle. So quit yer whinin' and fuckin' fix it."

I get lots of attention with this girl. Mostly youngsters, strangely. Occasionally I'll get an older fella at a gas pump look it over, but the kids (<30) go ga-ga over it. Already had two offers for more than the 'Good Condition' Bluebook list, and this is far from a pristine bike. Don't guess I'll ever have a problem selling it if I decide to go that course.

Welp, that project's done. Somewhere out there is a '83 750 Interceptor in need of love with my name on it...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It's a mother beautiful tank!

Thursday Tunes

To say that Pink Martini frontgirl China Forbes has a sultry voice wouldn't do her justice. "Luscious" comes closer to the mark.




Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Not The Onion

Swedish Editorial: Ban Cars to Reduce Terrorism

You know, instead of banning the people who are committing the terrorist acts. If only the terrorists all had one thing in common so you could identify them more easily...