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Friday, April 24, 2015

Drought It

Kevin Williamson writes in National Review about the lefty outrage over the California drought -- which they reflexively and ignorantly blame on global warming climate change, of course:

The actual challenges presented by the threat of global warming look a lot more like California’s current situation than Waterworld or The Day After Tomorrow. As a matter of political rhetoric, it is attractive to frame the choice as a matter of affiliation: Cast your lot with the truth-speaking scientists on one side or the oil-addicted pre-Enlightenment goobers on the other. The actual choice is between making a naïve attempt to reorganize the world’s economy — an attempt that certainly will fail — and embarking on a series of discrete, manageable adaptations, such as improving the water-management facilities of millions of people who live, let’s remember, in a desert. The Left’s potted moral outrage notwithstanding, that isn’t a brief for denial, but a brief for adaptation. And if the Left really believed half as much in global warming as its rhetoric suggests, its leaders would be moving forward with a robust program for adaptation — especially in California, a large and prosperous jurisdiction that is under nearly complete progressive political control.

"Climate change," of course, has nothing at all to do with climate science, it's about control. It is a reflection of the fact that millions of dupes are more than willing to give up their economic and personal freedoms to authority in exchange for token amounts of ego validation -- a fact which the powers-that-be in the Democrat party recognized many years ago.

It's really quite a straightforward three-step process for psychological control of large groups of people:

1) Tell that portion of the population which is of middling intelligence that following your lead makes them smart and well-informed. Deep down, most of them know this to be untrue, but they desperately want to believe it. This is the result of a fundamental character flaw, often stemming from a nascent inferiority complex, and it makes them ideal for your needs.

2) Being that they're none too bright, it's a relatively simple matter to concoct some complicated pseudo-intellectual horse manure, write it down in a complex alternate language of which these dupes have no functional understanding -- mathematics, for example -- then watch as they proceed to tell everyone around them about this great new Truth of which they have been Enlightened.

3) Shout down any objections to your viewpoint as the backward babbling of the ignorant, ridicule the opposition as benighted and deceived, all while stroking the fur of your trained minions, and you can get away with murder. Literally, in some cases.

Now substitute "Latin" for "mathematics" in the above process and read it again. It's a functional description of another massive psychological manipulation in human history: the medieval Catholic Church. In fact, with only very minor alterations, that process can explain any number of examples of mass hysteria throughout history, from the Mormons to the UFO movement. Easily manipulated people are all the same; only the goals of those doing the manipulating ever change.


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Comes the Devil

The Calbuco volcano erupting down in Chile is the ongoing subject of some truly fantastic photos, but this one is indisputably the best I've seen yet:

Piclick for more (though sadly less demonic) photos of the Calbuco temper tantrum.

Quakin' in our boots

Study links natural gas drilling in Texas to swarm of quakes

The sniveling leftoids are going over the rails about this idiotic "study" -- which is no surprise, considering their penchant for willful ignorance.

Is fracking causing minor geological shifts in the crust? Absolutely. That's the entire point, in fact. But these "quakes" which the hair-on-fire types are screeching about are magnitude 2. The Richter scale is calibrated to log10. You want to know what a magnitude 2 quake feels like? Pick up a pen off your desk and drop it on the floor next to you. It's undetectable without using the most sensitive of instruments.

Additionally, as the crying class is eagerly pointing out, the areas in question have been seismically inactive (what's referred to as a "zero zone" in construction) for millions of years. Fracking isn't going to trigger a destructive earthquake. These so-called "quakes" resulting from fracking will have exactly as much impact on planetary stability as that pen you just dropped on the floor. You should pick that up, by the way.

Yet again we see a clear demonstration of the Left's habit of turning science into quasi-religion: shout the dogma while ignoring the inconvenient facts.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hey, hey it's the Taxman!

Over at MSNBC, the home base of leftoid tax-the-rich-some-more politics, there's a whole passel of 'em what ain't payin' their taxes:

Touré Neblett, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle, owes more than $59,000 in taxes, according to public records reviewed by National Review.

In January 2014, Neblett tweeted, “Regressive taxation & tax-avoidance & union crushing & the financial corruption of legislation has fueled inequality more than hard work.” In 2012, he also criticized Republican politicians, saying they were “all afraid to vote for a modest tax increase of people who can totally afford it.”


Hypocrisy: it's not just for Morning Joe anymore.

As a hard-working American who pays his taxes without fail, (even over-contributing to ensure that I do not have to write a check to Uncle Sam in April), I'd like to cordially invite Mr Neblett to suck my middle-aged white male conservative cock.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Scott Walker Celebrates Earth Day by Firing 57 Environmental Agency Employees

Now there's a man who understands the real history of Chop Up Your Girlfriend And Store Her In A Trunk In Your Closet Day.

Cruz for Prez

Ted Cruz scares the pee-dinky out of the mainstream media, and perhaps more importantly the GOP. It's fashionable these days for self-serving GOPers to voice their admiration for Ronald Reagan, but the reality in 1980 was very different: they HATED him. He was very conservative, brashly outspoken and highly intelligent. Try though they might -- and they did, both on the Left and the Right -- they couldn't dig up any dirt on him. Because there was none.

The more the lefties and "moderate" Republicans scream about how unelectable is Cruz, the more they give away their game: they're shouting the Big Lie at the top of their lungs. The reality is that he's very electable, because he appeals to the average, taxpaying, middle-class American in a way no "insider" ever can. His early announcement that he wants to abolish the IRS was the sort of smart debating tactic for which he is famous. Cruz has now put all of his future opponents, both Democrat and Republican, in the unenviable position of defending the IRS -- probably the least popular organization in American history. Very clever.

I don't think Ted Cruz is perfect. He is, in the end, a politician. By definition, it means that he has a fundamental flaw in his character. But he has consistently stuck to his campaign promises and shown he isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with the Donks, as well as self-serving traitors like Mitch McConnell within his own party. That shows personal integrity; speaking as Marine, that single trait is worth more to me than any other quality or qualification he may possess.

Plus he sends the leftoids into tail-chasing, mouth-frothing fits. Bonus.

You can donate to his campaign here if you wish. I did.



An Ohio eighth-grader who happened to be wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the word "Feminist" on class picture day was surprised to later find the writing airbrushed out of the final picture.

"I sat down. No one said anything to me," the student, Sophie Thomas, told WXIX-TV of the shoot and resulting photo. "I checked it to make sure I didn't look dumb or anything — closing my eyes. I saw that they had removed the word from my shirt, and I was insanely upset."

"They didn't inform me about this," she added. "They just did it without permission."

I do so enjoy watching clueless leftoids shit in each others mouths.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Allahpundit discusses the nanny state... in a very literal sense:

Maybe this is a righty-blog phenomenon and I’m guilty of epistemic closure, but every time I see a story about CPS cracking down on “free-range parents” written up online, the author’s attitude unfailingly is exasperated disbelief at how paranoid the state has become about unattended children. But that attitude is not shared by most of the public, and it’s especially not shared by most women. Of the five questions listed above, the lowest amount of opposition among women was 67 percent who said they wouldn’t let their pre-teen walk to school alone. (Fully 83 percent oppose letting a child that age use public transportation alone.) I guessed that young adults might be a bit more likely than older ones to grant kids some freedom, partly because they’re closer in age to the hypothetical pre-teen of the question and partly because many of them aren’t parents yet themselves. But no, they oppose “free-range parenting” about as strongly as older demographics do, and on the question of letting a pre-teen go to the park alone, they’re actually the least likely of the four age groups to approve of the idea. I also guessed that Republicans might be a bit more willing than Democrats to let their kids out unsupervised, since Republican parents are more likely to live in small towns and rural areas. Nope to that too: GOPers are actually less likely than Dems to let their kid go to the store or ride public transportation alone. Nor is this the only poll supporting the conclusion that Americans have gotten much more protective of their kids over time. Last August, a Reason poll found that 82 percent(!) wanted to make it actually illegal for a nine-year-old to play in a park unsupervised.

I think the most disturbing thing for me is the poll result which shows that only 26% of parents would allow their child to play in the neighborhood unsupervised or walk to school. For my generation, being kicked out the house all day Saturday was not only expected but eagerly anticipated. Parents had to virtually threaten us to come in to eat lunch. Walking to school (or better yet, riding your bike) was an eagerly-awaited privilege for every third grader I knew, myself included. It was the first of many "coming of age" rites of passage and therefore an integral part of the early maturation process.

With their formative years deprived of the initial independence and hierarchical play common to all mammals on the planet, is it any wonder that today's young Americans are socially stunted and "passive-aggressive" by the time they reach the workplace? They're waiting for mommy to bring their crustless sandwiches, make the bobos get all better and scold their mean old boss. What a bunch of fucking pussies.

Red March to the Sea

China's Xi Jinping agrees $46bn superhighway to Pakistan

Essentially, this gives China direct access to the Indian Ocean. You can bet it won't be long before Chinese warships are making extended "friendship calls" in Pakistani ports. India, of course, sees this as a direct and immediate threat to their naval sovereignty -- as they should. And while India is not exactly a U.S. client state, we have very close ties with them politically and in terms of population exchange. China is pushpushpushing. Putin is pushpushpushing. Obama is blathering and trying his dead-level best to hand nuclear weapons to a radicalized Islamic government.

Bad things ahead, boys and girls. Bad Things.

I Scream


Texas-based Blue Bell Creameries issued a voluntary recall Monday night for all of its products on the market after two samples of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream tested positive for listeriosis.

The company "can't say with certainty" how the bacteria was introduced to the manufacturing line, Blue Bell's chief executive Paul Kruse said in a statement.

"We're committed to doing the 100 percent right thing, and the best way to do that is to take all of our products off the market until we can be confident that they are all safe," Kruse said.

The first recall in the family-owned creamery's 108-year history was issued last month after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention linked ice cream contaminated with listeriosis to three deaths at a Kansas hospital. Five others in Kansas and Texas were sickened with the disease.

As a native Texan I'm likely to be burned at the stake for this, but I do not like Blue Bell ice cream. Well, that's not precisely true; it's ice cream, so it's good. However, I do not like it as well as most other brands. I know people who refuse to even TRY anything else except Blue Bell, having somehow magically divined that it's better through a complete absence of comparison. Or if they do agree to sample others, usually under duress of an armlock, they take one bite and immediately turn their noses up -- as if any ice cream actually tastes bad. Well, except for those oddball "designer" flavors like Mauve Mango Butterfly Coffee Yucca Plant, of course. Vanilla, chocolate, Neapolitan... I'll take Breyers or Haagen-Dazs any day.

Hell, I know people who refuse to eat at Marble Slab or Baskin Robbins because they don't serve Blue Bell. What the fuck? Only thing I can figure is that Blue Bell is actually some weird, cultish religion like scientology or something, because I just don't get it. I also don't get listeriosis, whatever the hell that is, so bonus.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Just Tooling Around

I'm not just sittin' around, watching baseball and drinking, you know. I'm having a productive vacation, which included nine hours of cleaning the garage, primarily so I could install this new tool rack. It's 16 feet of pegboard, gloriously adorned with tools both shiny and grimy. This is phase one in the conversion of the third garage bay into ManCraft Labs, Inc., specializing in Jap motorcycle restoration. Phase two is planned for this summer and includes non-skid flooring, butcherblock workbench, airtool racks and a big ol' vise. Step three will be shop lighting and hardpiped drops from a new vertical compressor mounted in the attic. (The wife unit has not as yet been made aware of the existence of phase three, so keep that behind your teeth.)

You are being jealous of my toolishness? No? Well, it looks bigger in person.

Thursday, April 09, 2015


Swiss Government Becomes First Ever To Issue 10Y Debt At A Negative Yield

It had to happen sooner or later... in the new normal of yield-reaching, collateral-shortage-ing, money-printing economalypse, the Swiss government has become the first ever to issue a 10Y sovereign bond at a negative yield. As WSJ notes, while several European countries have sold government debt at negative yields up to five years of maturity - which means investors effectively pay for the privilege of buying it - no other country has previously stretched this out as long as 10 years. Mission Accomplished Central Bankers?

Now, why on Earth would anyone buy a bond with a negative yield? No, really, can someone explain to me why this would be considered a sound investment. Now in Switzerland, to do banking business you have to possess a certain percentage of national bonds, so that is one reason, but why would anyone invest ANY money into this? The other thing is possibly the belief in Swiss Franc deflation. Even though it may be worth fewer Francs when you cash out, it may be worth more against other currencies around the world. Even then, I don't know why you wouldn't just stuff it in a mattress and let it be worth the original 100 Francs.

Now put this with the fact that Greece is trying to delay debt payment and that Saudi Arabia is running a deficit this year and you have some serious money shenanigans going on.

Monday, April 06, 2015


An institutional failure at Rolling Stone resulted in a deeply flawed article about a purported gang rape at the University of Virginia,

Rolling Stone has retracted the story. So, what is the cost to the staff and especially the writer of this "story":

At the same time the review came out, Rolling Stone officially retracted the story and said sorry. But the publisher, Jann Wenner, has decided not to fire anyone on staff. He believes the missteps were unintentional, not purposefully deceitful.

What did the "reporter" have to say for herself?

Erdely told Columbia that in retrospect, I wish somebody had pushed me harder" about reaching out to the three friends.

So no one is to blame for the shoddy reporting and the writer felt that she should have been "Pushed harder" to do her job. Funny thing, this isn't the first time Sabrina Erdley has written a story that had some errors in it:

In 2011 Erdely reported a story for Rolling Stone about child abuse within the Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia. Erdely's story told about a fifth grade altar boy referred to by the pseudonym "Billy Doe" whom "brutal attacks turned ... into a sullen, drug-addicted loner," alleging a "high-level conspiracy." Billy Doe was an adult when he made his accusations, resulting in criminal charges leading to the jailing of three church employees and a major civil suit by Billy Doe against the church.[10]

Ralph Cipriano wrote in Newsweek that "Erdely didn't know or bother to find out ... that Billy had already told his story to the archdiocese, police, and a grand jury, and would subsequently retell it to two different juries in two criminal cases. And every time he told his story, the details kept changing." In the first iteration of the rape Billy Doe claimed to have endured, he was knocked unconscious, stripped, tied to a church altar with sashes, and then anally raped on the altar for five hours. Subsequent iterations of the rape recounted by Billy Doe became increasingly less dramatic; a final version omitted the five-hour altar anal rape. Instead, Billy Doe explained, he had been coerced into engaging in mutual masturbation.[11] Cipriano also criticized Erdely for failing to include information on Billy Doe's background that could have impugned his credibility; he had, for instance, been arrested six times, once while trafficking 56 bags of heroin.[12][13]

When Erdely was covering the Billy Doe story, her husband was a criminal prosecutor for the District Attorney of Philadelphia which was overseeing the case. Rolling Stone editors said that it was not a conflict of interest because he was not personally involved in the prosecution.[14] William Anthony Donohue at the Catholic League denounced "malicious distortions of the kind found in Erdely’s diatribe."[9] The conviction of one church employee has since been overturned and a new trial ordered for the one remaining (the third church employee died in prison while appealing his conviction).[15][16]

She wrote an article of a woman alleging her Gynecologist raped her, a story of a petty officer claiming rape by three soldiers, and a bullying of Gay students in Minnesota. Kind of seeing a pattern here. The question comes up, who was hurt by her "not being pushed harder" by her editors?

UVA applications are down

The fraternity accused and the men accused of this crime

Rolling Stone's journalistic integrity (If they had any in the first place)

Victims of actual sexual abuse

Then there are the people who will believe this story no matter how many retractions are written. So sure, keep her on as a writer and lets see who else can be irrevocably hurt by her "Not being pushed"