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Friday, August 18, 2017

Mass Hysteria

Scott Adams (yes, the Dilbert guy) wrote a blog entry on American leftists and their current mass hysteria. It's well worth your time to read.

Hear, Hear!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

It's a Democrat Wasteland

In the midst of the ongoing lunacy of pulling down Confederacy statues, we get this: Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized In Chicago – Locals Take To Social Media To Call Him Racist

"Based off of the comments of some locals, Abraham Lincoln was a racist who said a lot of 'racist shit.'"

Democrats made this. It's always been their endgame to rewrite history. Right now they are making a full court press in an attempt to start a race war. They know what the inevitable result of such a conflict will be just as well as you and I know it. The difference is that they want it to happen.

The Democrat Party is the party of Senator Byrd of the KKK.

The Democrat Party is the party of Margaret Sanger, who once stated on national television that her Planned Parenthood centers are located in inner cities because they're targeted at blacks who "are human weeds."

The Democrat Party is the party of welfare, which keeps the vast majority of blacks at the bottom of the social structure. It was no accident, either; the Democrat Party is the party of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who hijacked the civil rights movement in order to put blacks back on the Democrat plantation, and who once stated "I'll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years."

Everything Democrats have ever done has been detrimental to blacks. Now they want to instigate a race war. How could that possibly turn out well for blacks? How could blacks believe it would turn out well for them? Because the Democrats have pulled a Kaiser Soze, that's how.

This will not end well.

"The only thing that scares me more than the idea of a race war in this country is a race war in which one side is outnumbered five to one." - Thomas Sowell

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How About NO

Oh, there's a good idea. Sit your fleshy and overfed body a few feet away from where a 15-foot gator, which is quite probably capable of vaulting into the boat, is pimping his Eat Fat Stupid Humans skills. Darwin is drooling over these morons...

Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Timewaster

Crossout is your chance to get your Mad Max on.

The game reminds me strongly of the old Steve Jackson ziploc bag game Car Wars from the early 1980s. Essentially, you bodge together cars from whatever you can scrape up, then take to the post-apocalyptic wasteland to beat up on bad guys, (or good guys, if that's your thing).

The gameplay is entertaining and quite brisk. PvP matches last no more than three minutes each, meaning you don't have the emotional investment of a 20- or 30-minute match only to watch it all go down the drain because your teammates are donkeys. It's three quick minutes of glorious blazing guns and whirling saw blades, then on to the next match. Win or lose, you'll still have fun.

PvE consists of various five-player co-op missions which tend to last slightly longer, in the 5- to 10-minute range. They come in a variety of flavors: escorting a truck full of valuable scrap; stealing a McGuffin from one side of the map and transporting it to the other side while under constant attack and dodging minefields; point defense missions. There are several modes, all providing a unique challenge. All of the enemies in PvE co-op are by definition AI bots, but that doesn't mean it's easy.

Finally, there are deathmatch and racing modes, which are pretty much what they're labeled as. Good luck designing a winning race car; the competition is fierce.

The real star of Crossout, of course, is the vehicle construction. As you level up you'll find more and more parts which you can use to assemble ever wilder and more destructive vehicles, limited only by your imagination and the parts you have on hand. Whether it's a dune buggy with light machine guns or a Leviathan-sized truck with drones, flamethrowers and rocket launchers, they're all fun to play. You are matched by power level of the vehicle you've assembled, so you'll never be overwhelmed by more experienced players.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the game is actually quite passive: looking at what other people have come up with. It's amazing to me how you can give a thousand people the same set of parts to work with and you'll get a thousand completely different interpretations of how the pieces should fit together. Some are crap, some ingenious, and some are just quirky, but they're all unique.

Hey, it's free. If you love cars and you love guns, (and what red-blooded American male doesn't?), you should give it a whirl.



Double-Ex Drivers

Plane nearly ran out of fuel after pilots forgot to bring up landing gear

Air India Flight AI676 was en route to Mumbai from Kolkata on July 22 but was forced to divert to Nagpur when the crew became alarmed by the speed at which the aircraft was losing fuel thanks to the additional drag created by the extended wheels.

An unidentified source told the Times of India that the “brand new Airbus A320”, one of the most fuel efficient aircraft in existence, had struggled to climb after take-off, prompting the pilots to settle on an altitude of 24,000 feet as opposed to a usual cruising height of 35,000 feet. The source, who made a point of saying that both pilots were women

No further questions, your honor.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Summer Camp

Wednesday, August 09, 2017


This is a real special kind of stupid...

‘Hug a terrorist’ program hopes to stop spread of extremism

You are NOT cleared for takeoff