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Friday, November 21, 2014


Obama: Funding Terrorists

So as it turns out, the PRIVATE Bergdahl swap (he was a private when he deserted and a private he remains) was an even worse deal than we thought. Not only did we free five known terrorists to retrieve a deserting piece of shit, but we also paid for the privilege. Apparently, Delta Force and the FBI were nothing but bag-boys for Dumbo, delivering "an unspecified large amount of money" to a terrorist organization in exchange for Private Weak Mind.

The score thus far in this whole sordid incident:

Islamic Terrorists: 5 + A whole lotta moola
Team Obama: Zilch.

Of course the White House is denying it, claiming it was "intelligence" money. Which might even be mildly believable, if this administration still had any credibility at all. You'd have to be a credulous dupe with a room temperature I.Q. to believe anything Obama says now -- oh, that would be Chris Matthews that I just described, wouldn't it?

I'm still waiting, by the way, for PRIVATE Bergdahl to be tried for desertion in time of war and stood in front of a firing squad. At least then we could salvage some degree of dignity out of this whole sorry mess.

Friday Timewaster

Popword combines two of my favorite genres of web games: bubble popping and word finding.



Thursday, November 20, 2014

Porkin' Up

Too fat:

US pigs are too fat for holiday hams this year after farmers overfed them in the wake of a deadly virus that killed millions.

So your Xmas ham will be more expensive -- or the Thanksgiving ham, for you weird ones who don't gobble the turkey on Pilgrim & Indian Gluttony Day. But there's good news, too:

Not all pork is getting more expensive. Heavier hogs are helping to revive meat output...The wholesale cost of pork bellies, used to make bacon, dropped 27 percent

Woot! Cheaper bacon! Bring on the fatties, baby! You should consider adding bacon to your holiday meals this year. Because really, is there anything that isn't better with bacon? (Well, except ice cream... NOT better with bacon. Just trust me.)


Ex-NFL player Jason Brown delivers own baby

Without a vagina! Now THAT is tough, boys.

Belief? What belief?

Words, just words:
Attorneys offered contrasting interpretations of the Pledge of Allegiance during oral arguments Wednesday in a New Jersey family's lawsuit claiming a school district is discriminating against their child's atheist beliefs.

Um, excuse me! Yes, over here! See, I'm an atheist. You know what my beliefs are? THERE AREN'T ANY. Because belief is the province of religions, not science. You DO understand that atheism is founded in science, right?

"Harm is occurring every day the state is invalidating the plaintiff's religious class..."

Harm? What harm? Exactly how is your child "harmed" by speaking words? I took the military oath of service, (twice, actually), and contained within that oath is the phrase "So help me God." The second time they told me I didn't have to say that part. I did anyway. You know why? Because it's part of the oath, and because they're just words.

See, this is why we atheists can't have nice things. All the time that I and others spend building up good will with people of belief is wasted every time one of you douchewagons stands up on your hind legs in a courtroom and barks idiotically. STOP IT. Seriously, just stop. If you really are an atheist, it doesn't matter a tinker's damn what other people believe or want you to believe, because it's irrelevant. Telling me that Jesus wants to save me is like telling me the grocery store has too many marshmallows: I. DON'T. CARE. Nil. Nada. Zip. Zilch. NONE.

But all of that is an aside to this statement by the plaintiff's attorney, which I find both repugnant and frightening at the same time:

"This is a state-sponsored and state-conducted exercise that happens every single day," Niose argued. "It's done every single day, for every student in all classrooms. It's not like a biology lesson or a sex education class or a controversial novel a class will have to read. It's intended to instill patriotism and to define patriotism."

Got that? "It's intended to instill patriotism..." He just used that phrase in a negative context, the implication being that patriotism is a bad thing. By extending his contention to the logical conclusion, (to the very limited extent that it's logical to begin with), one is forced to conclude that -- by his definition -- patriotism and atheism are mutually exclusive, a notion with which I not only disagree but have disproven through action.

Think hard on what it means for the future of our nation if such people get their way, if they are allowed to define patriotism negatively and the freedom of speech only within the narrow confines of the absence of anything which might possibly offend anybody anywhere in the smallest possible way.

This recently concluded election has brought the hard Left in America to a full boil. They're pulling out all the stops. Just look at any of the online news distributing search engines like Bing or Yahoo: the front pages of such sites are littered with pro-gay, pro-Democrat, anti-conservative stories -- even more so than is their wont. The journo-drones at the New York Times, MSNBC, et al, are pumping out feel-good lefty stories and anti-Republican rhetoric as fast as their bony little fingers can type. Taking the Senate back from Reid and the Democrat obstructionists who have held our country hostage for the last six years was not the end of the battle, it was merely the beginning.

Be very sure of this: the Leftists, Anarchists, Occupiers and other delusional tools in this country aren't going down without a fight. This was supposed to be their dream years, when socialism and liberalism and, uh... hippie-ism (sorry, I'm on a roll) all combined in the perfect storm to bring to life the Great Utopian State. That the American people -- fundamentally conservative and family-oriented -- are fighting back is absolutely unacceptable to these ideologues and demagogues. They will not accept reality, they will fight it until their dying breath. If fighting it means flinging our borders wide open and allowing every criminal and terrorist on the planet free access, they are perfectly willing to do so. These are not thinking people, they are radicals and extremists. They are, at this point, trapped rats. You know the aphorism.

Tighten your swordbelt and continue speaking out, loudly and often, especially around people who disagree with you or "don't want to hear it." Because if you don't, people like the couple in New Jersey who want to keep their child's world free of your beliefs will win. I can't tell you exactly what that America would look like, but can I guarantee you that no one will like living in it.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014



The Lammily doll, also known as the "normal Barbie," is ready to purchase online for about $25. And a $5.99 sticker extension pack--including 38 reusable stickers--will be available on January 18.

The stickers, called Lammily marks, include cellulite, stretch marks, freckles, acne, glasses, temporary tattoo, scratches, bruises, cast, mosquito bites and dirt stains.

Apparently they've confused "normal" with "trailer trash floozy." Granted, in certain parts of the country that is the norm, but do you really want your five year old girl playing with it...

"Now, snowflake! Stop torturing the tramp doll! IHOP waitresses are people too, you know. Dirty, stupid, ugly people... but people nonetheless. And get that butterfly tattoo off her forehead, dear; that's not where they put those."

Reading Rainbow

Doubling Down on Failure

Senate Democrats reject bill to build oil pipeline

Keep digging that hole, Donks. Hell, when you're already in over your head and the water is pouring in, you may as well keep digging, huh? On the plus side, corpses float.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Loaded Down

Photos of equipment loadouts for soldiers from 1066 to 2014. This one is from 1588:

Something that will leap out at you is the difference in total load carried by modern soldiers. Better food and better training mean that modern soldiers are bigger and stronger than their ancestors, and thus able to carry a lot more equipment...

That's a summer kit. The infantryman's load in winter gear easily exceeds 100 lbs, and 150 lbs for a heavy weapons specialist. Now carry it 25 miles, uphill, in eight hours and in freezing weather. Oh, and be ready for a fight when you get there.

So, all you hot-to-trot "grrlz" who think you can be combat infantrymen... who's first?



For the last week, Iran has been bragging about how they now have drone capability. How nice for them. We've got something for that.

Friday, November 14, 2014

"Naval Action" in the Med

Egyptian Navy Attacked: Fishing Boat Off Coast Starts Firefight

Okay, two items here:

1) Egypt has a navy? Um... why?

2) People in fishing boats pick fights with them. Perhaps some more aggressive naval policies are in order. Of course, with two more years of Obama, the U.S. Navy might end up in the same boat.


Japan frets over coming absence of US aircraft carriers

Cliff's Notes version: Obama's ill-advised budget cuts and virtual mothballing of half the carrier fleet have left the Navy stretched too thin to maintain the umbrella in the Pacific and Indian Oceans which we've provided since the end of WWII. Right at a time when China is on the rise and the North Koreans are getting frisky, both on land and at sea. Oh, and don't forget the Russians; see below.

If I had contrived to create a fictional character who would be least qualified as President of the United States, I couldn't have done better than Obama. Unfortunately, this isn't a story; this is reality. The reality in which we are plunging headlong towards World War III, like a car heading for the edge of the cliff, accelerator jammed to the floorboard, with an incompetent behind the wheel and an idiot in the passenger seat.

Bear Rising

Putin continues to turn the ratchet. Hey, why not? He's getting no reaction, so he may as well keep pushing.

MOSCOW, Nov. 14 (UPI) -- In its latest provocation in the new cold war, Russia is sending long-range bombers to patrol the Gulf of Mexico off U.S. shores.

The planes will be sent as part of "drills" to "maintain a military presence" in the Western Atlantic, eastern Pacific, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, said Defense Minister Sergy Shoigu.

Certainly would be nice if we had someone leading our country, wouldn't it?

Friday Timewaster

I know what you were thinking. You were thinking that since I gave up a Thursday Timewaster, I'd leave you high and dry today, with nothing to occupy you during the long, torturous hours of your non-productive Friday, didn't you? Never fear, because Dead Zed 2 is here, wherein you will shoot lots of zombies with lots of guns, preferably in their Paris Hilton-shaped heads. (No their heads aren't actually shaped like Paris Hilton's head, but they do bob up and down, so...)



Thursday, November 13, 2014

On center stage, it's Uranus!

Uranus is having a mega storm

Usually only on Saturday mornings... but yes, definitely then.

Boffins PLUNGE into URANUS' depths

Heyheyhey! Watch where yer plungin' there, buddy! I'm not that kinda planet.



What? You didn't expect me to take this story seriously with all that juvenile giggle material available, did you?

Missed Opportunity

The things you see when you don't have an airstrike handy. A single 2,000 pound laser-guided bomb and the human race is greatly improved by the elimination of 400 faulty genomes. They'd never even see (or hear) it coming...

Entitled Pig Monster

Jim Goad on the blathering leftoid vagina known as Lena Dunham:

I suppose that since I find Lena Dunham to be a disgustingly entitled pig monster, I am a sexist, a fat-shamer, and, hell, even an anti-Semite. None of this changes the fact that I find her to be a disgustingly entitled pig monster.

Since I was born on the wrong side of the tracks and then booted out of the house in my teens onto the tracks and forced to start running lest I get hit by a train, the fact that she was born into insane levels of wealth yet can’t shut the fuck up about being “oppressed” makes me wish that she would accidentally overdose on painkillers and wake up to find herself stewing in a cannibal’s pot somewhere in Swaziland where there is no iPhone coverage.

My main beef with modern leftism isn’t even that it’s rooted in the stupid idea of equality but that it lives, breathes, and gains succor and strength through the most unabashed sort of hypocrisy I’ve ever seen, and I thought I’d seen ’em all. Modern feminists of the unforgivably overprivileged Jezebel ilk—the sort of white girls who hate being white yet loooooove being girls—twist their labia in knots over the sorts of trifling “microaggressions” and “shaming” behaviors which are so insubstantial that an electron microscope couldn’t detect them, yet their entire platform consists of attempting to lob nuclear shame-bombs at men. For all they wail about male “sexism”—and that’s ALL THEY FUCKING DO—nearly every word out of their yaps is a hate-dart aimed to degrade, humiliate, and demoralize men.

It's what I call the Fabricated Princess Complex; it occurs at a disturbingly high rate among upper middle-class and wealthy females in the West.

Arms Race

No, that's not an F-35; it's a Chinese-made JS-1 and it made its public debut yesterday at an airshow in China, along with the latest version of their main battle tank, intended to go head-to-head with the M1A2, Leopard 2 and Challenger II. They plan to sell both abroad. One of the early customers: Pakistan.

But we don't need to build F-22s or F-35s or new carriers. Naaaahh! Everybody's our friend! We've got too many weapons already, so we should focus on feeding the poo-flinging ghetto chimps, not defending ourselves against the largest and fastest-growing communist state on the planet. Don't worry, be happy! And start studying Chinese...

Friday Thursday Timewaster

GOG is giving away the game Mount & Blade. As in free, gratis, no moolas. You can grab your copy anytime today. The offer expires tomorrow morning, which is why this is a Thursday Timewaster. Scroll down a bit when you hit the front page and you'll see the banner.

Great game, by the way. You get to chop people limb from limb using large, sharp, steel things -- and that's a good time in anybody's book.



Pushing Back

The gay mafia are going batshit craz(ier) over this one. That's what happens when you pushpushpushpushpush people: they eventually push back. Suck it up, leftoids.

Grab yourself some popcorn and pull up a chair; this is gonna be fun.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Putin calls the bluff:

A large column of Russian tanks, heavy weapons and combat troops entered eastern Ukraine earlier this week, NATO's top commander claimed today, prompting fears of an re-escalation in the seven month old conflict. U.S. General Philip Breedlove said his officials witnessed the force cross over the 'completely wide-open' border between the countries at some point in the last two days.

The Russian Defense Ministry quickly rejected Breedlove's statement as groundless and continues to deny that its troops have entered eastern Ukraine...

The UN Security Council has met well over a dozen times on Ukraine since the crisis began early this year, but little action can be taken as permanent member Russia has veto power.

Oh, that's brilliant. The people doing the invading have veto power over a vote to do anything about the invasion. Tell me again why the United Nations still exists?

11:11 on 11/11

When art meets gratitude

I'm sure it shows a good natural spotlight on other days, but it was specially built to spotlight the seal on 11/11 at 11:11 a.m. Pretty cool stuff.