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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

World's Dumbest Criminal?

She may not be the absolute dumbest, but she's definitely in the running:

A woman is in jail after she stole a truck, drove it to the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office and asked if it was reported stolen... A deputy arrived to speak with Salas, ran the truck information in a crime database and found it was reported stolen out of Jonesboro.

Why, yes. Yes it is! Here, try on these chrome bracelets. They'll go great with that neck tat.


I'm considering this for my Chrysler 300. That's Pasadena chic if ever I've seen it. Probably also the best anti-theft system you could install.

Close enough...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Be Afraid

You Shall Not Pass!

The technical name for this device is a shallow-mount automatic road bollard, but I prefer to call it the Giant Yellow Penis of Death. I think you'll agree after watching the video.

Olympic Legacy

Olympic Venues in Rio de Janeiro Are in Disrepair Only Six Months After the Games Ended

So after bribing, sorry, I mean putting forth a compelling argument to the IOC, Brazil won the summer Olympics and spent billions building all the venues and going in to debt up to their eyeballs. Now, six months later, many of the locations are abandoned and in disrepair.

Two things. One, the IOC is nothing but a bunch of corrupt politicians that deserve to be in jail, not in a luxury sky box, and two, we should NEVER bid for an Olympics again. As has been seen over and over, unless you already have places to host the competitions, you will spend more than you will ever get out of them, and the "economic boom" is not worth the hassle. The IOC treats these cities like a cheap prostitute, and I for one am tired of getting screwed.

R/C Hind


Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Timewaster

Zombie Trailer Park. Yee-Haw Powers for the win!



Thursday, February 16, 2017

Computer Chronicles '83

The complete debut season (1983) of The Computer Chronicles. This isn't just get-drunk-and-wallow-in-it nostalgia, though; it's sobering to look at the "advanced" computer technology they are discussing in Serious Tones and reflect on how far computers have come. Today you can buy a 32GB MicroSD card for pocket change at Wal-Mart, but in 1983 it may as well have been alien supertech.


And they say men won't stop to ask for directions...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Close enough...

Oh really?

Hitching a Ride

A pod of dolphins spot a tanker and hitch a ride by surfing the bow pressure wave.

When I was crossing the Pacific and Indian Oceans aboard the USS Tarawa, many of us would stand on the lowered elevators at the hanger deck level in the evenings to smoke and watch the sunset. Sometimes a pod of dolphins would come alongside and perform for us with backflips, tail-walks and other stunts. Dolphins are all class clowns and crave an audience.

Failed, sir!

Suicide bomber experiences performance issues with premature explosion. No virgins for him.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dead, sir!

Mexican Marines tracked down a cartel leader over the weekend. These guys don't take prisoners, they track them down and kill them. They cornered him and his posse in a building, then hosed it down with a minigun from a hovering helicopter. Now that's STYLE.

Video goodness here.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Well, we're waiting...

To be fair, Amy "the Hutt" Schumer is apparently binge-eating her way to Canada, so it's taking a while. By the time she gets there, she'll be about the size of the Yukon.