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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The longer you stare at this, the more fascinating it becomes...

Tiger in the Snow

This replica Panzer VI Tiger tank, built for a Russian movie, is for sale for a mere $430,000. Every single piece of it was individually machined and assembled by hand. Talk about scratch modeling.

You can view a detailed photo montage of its construction here.

What's that smell?

South Africa's governing African National Congress Party lost control the country's economic hub of Johannesburg for the first time since the fall of apartheid 20 years ago.

The followers of Mandela never were very clever, but you'd think the rampant crime, endemic unemployment and constantly rising level of squalor would have tipped them off before two decades had passed. Not that it will make a difference. It doesn't matter who ends up in charge; the results will always be despotism and destitution.

Apartheid was created for a very good reason. Since it was lifted, South Africa has been in a cultural and economic death spiral, plummeting down the list from one of the wealthiest and cleanest countries in the world to... well, worse than Brazil. I suspect the country will reach crush depth pretty soon, at which point it will revert to its pre-colonial status as a primitive hell hole which no one who bathes regularly will ever want to visit.

Facts are Stubborn Things

Who knew that enforcing the law, prevented crime

In his memoirs, the Supreme Court's Chief Justice Earl Warren declared that "all of us must assume a share of the responsibility" for rising crime rates in the 1960s because "for decades we have swept under the rug" the slum conditions that breed crime.

Homicide rates among black males went down by 18 percent in the 1940s and by 22 percent in the 1950s. It was in the 1960s, when the ideas of Chief Justice Warren and others triumphed, that this long decline in homicide rates among black males reversed and skyrocketed by 89 percent, wiping out all the progress of the previous 20 years.

Ghetto riots, which erupted in the 1960s, were blamed on poverty and discrimination. But what were the facts?

Poverty and discrimination were worse in the South than in the rest of the country. But ghetto riots were not nearly as common in the South.

The most deadly ghetto riot of the 1960s occurred in Detroit, where 43 people were killed -- 33 of whom were black. In Detroit at that time, black median family income was 95 percent of white median family income. The unemployment rate among blacks was 3.4 percent and black home ownership was higher in Detroit than in any other major city.

What was different about Detroit was that politicians put the police under orders that restricted their response to riots -- and some rioters said "the fuzz is scared." It was black victims who paid the highest price for letting rioters run amuck.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Police work. One is called the broken window theory. This theory is that if you ignore the small, quality of life crimes (Trespassing, public intoxication, littering, street level drug sales/use), or "The Broken Window" then the bigger crimes will happen more.

The other is called Community Oriented Policing (COPs). This is where Police and the "Community Leaders" try to address the "Underlying problems" that cause crimes. This is where instead of enforcement, warnings are given and programs are created to help those who have "Been led astray" become more productive citizens. Those in law enforcement like to call this philosophy, "Hug a Thug"

My squad is a firm believer in the broken window. In our area we have one of the worse public housing areas of the city. Last summer, we ran call to call on assaults, stabbings, and various other debauchery. In April, we decided a no tolerance policy on trespassing, and other quality of life crimes in the area. This summer has been quiet and on one night we pulled into the area on a loud music call. As we were getting out of our cars, we overheard someone in the crowd say, "It's time to go, those are the ones that arrest people". We make more arrests than our opposite rotation, but violent crime is down during our work days, and calls for service have dropped overall. We have even had a few people that actually live in the area tell us thank you, they can finally be outside and sleep at night. So you tell me which one works, hold people accountable for their actions, or tell them it's not their fault, but their circumstances?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Nothing says 'loser' like...

Well, that's certainly guaranteed to repel girls. You may as well hang a dead goat in your living room and wear a shirt that reads "I JACK OFF TO CARTOONS."

A Dangerous Master

There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines

Open the Books, a taxpayer watchdog group, released a study Wednesday that finds domestic government agencies continue to grow their stockpiles of military-style weapons, as Democrats sat on the House floor calling for more restrictions on what guns American citizens can buy.

The “Militarization of America” report found civilian agencies spent $1.48 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment between 2006 and 2014. Examples include IRS agents with AR-15s, and EPA bureaucrats wearing camouflage.

“Regulatory enforcement within administrative agencies now carries the might of military-style equipment and weapons,” Open the Books said. “For example, the Food and Drug Administration includes 183 armed ‘special agents,’ a 50 percent increase over the ten years from 1998-2008. At Health and Human Services (HHS), ‘Special Office of Inspector General Agents’ are now trained with sophisticated weaponry by the same contractors who train our military special forces troops.”

Open the Books found there are now over 200,000 non-military federal officers with arrest and firearm authority, surpassing the 182,100 personnel who are actively serving in the U.S. Marines Corps.

And remember that only 1 in 7 of those Marines are in combat arms units; the rest are support personnel. Why, you may ask, do the IRS, the EPA, and the FDA need stormtroopers? Because government, as George Washington warned us, is like fire: a handy servant, but a dangerous master. We are perilously close to the point where that nest of vipers infesting his namesake city will make their move to become our masters.

Every vile organization of repression and tyranny throughout history got their start by claiming to protect the people: the Committee for Public Safety, the SA, the NKVD, the Khmer Rouge. They all had one thing in common: once power was theirs, they immediately began imprisoning and slaughtering their own citizens. Nothing I've seen leads me to believe that the alphabet soup of bureaucratic agencies in Washington would be any different.

If you would know the real reason why the Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment, you need look no further than our own capital city.

Friday, August 19, 2016

THAAD Figures

The tinfoil hat brigade is out in force in South Korea to oppose the THAAD deployment:

The main source of complaint for placing the THAAD in Seongsan-ri -- specifically at an artillery base 400 meters above sea level -- has been that it would sit just 1.5 kilometers from the closest residential area.

Since Seoul and Washington decided to install the THAAD in the peninsula to counter North Korean missile threats, there has been concern that operating the THAAD’s AN/TPY-2 radar so close to people would spark health problems, especially from the microwave radiations.

Yeah, because a search radar a mile away from you is going to cook your brains right inside your tinfoil hats. That's why everyone who lives within a mile of airports all over the world is dying from brain cancer. Oh wait...

We're deploying a missile system to protect you from the insane fat kommie kiddie a few miles to your north and all you can do is fabricate fantastic and non-existent maladies from whole cloth. It appears South Korea is now fully Westernized.

These are the same kind of morons who think that contrails are the result of the gubbmint spraying mind-control chemicals into the stratosphere. The great part about democracy is that everyone gets a say. The bad part about democracy is that everyone gets a say.

Deez Nuts Pulls A-head

No Green Party in Texas:

The results are in. Texans would rather vote for Deez Nuts, a fictional politician and prankster, than for the Green Party's Jill Stein. And the percentage backing Stein is the same as that expressing support for Harambe, the gorilla killed earlier this year in a Cincinnati zoo.

On the bright side, this stupid cow will siphon off a few hipster votes from the other stupid cow, so she ain't all bad. Hey, she's tied with a dead gorilla in popularity!

The Line

Seems about the right place, though I do love me some hasenpfeffer. Never had horse meat; probably gamey. It's worth noting that in many Oriental countries -- including some very Westernized ones like South Korea -- that line is... well, it's not there at all.

Hat-tip to Derek M.

Religion of Pedophiles

Do Not Want

Right there with ya, son. Go behind that car and hurl if you need to.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Pirates! But...


An especially dangerous batch of heroin hit the streets of Huntington, W.Va., as 26 overdoses were reported within a four-hour period.

The only problem I see here is that an effort was made to treat them. They're heroin addicts; most of them will be dead in a year or two, bad dope or no. Resources are finite and you cannot save people from themselves.

Head in the Sand

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reinforced her belief that refugees to Germany were not a terrorism threat during a campaign speech Wednesday.

Oh, of course they aren't Angie. It's just pure coincidence that thousands of Muslims have raped thousands of German women in the last year. Increased terrorist attacks all across Europe are just some strange synchronicity, not an indication that you are being invaded.

Arrogant cunt.

"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged these days." - G.K. Chesterton

Higher Education

No Offense

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Injun Scalpin'

Boy, this just gets better and better:

A member of the International Olympic Committee has been arrested in Rio de Janeiro for allegedly scalping tickets.

Patrick Hickey, 71, of Ireland, is suspected of illegally passing on tickets for Rio's Olympic games that could be sold for high prices -- up to $7,800, O Globo reports. Hickey heads the Olympic Council of Ireland and serves as president of the European Olympic Committees

It's no surprise that the IOC harbors criminals in its ranks. It is a criminal organization, as has been demonstrated multiple times over the last several decades. You have to admit, however, that it's quite amusing they're importing crooks into Brazil, which is already a kleptocracy and violent hellhole of the first order. Made for each other, I'd say.

Also, what kind of moron pays eight thousand dollars for a ticket to an Olympic event?

Pool Toy

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


So this volcano in Mexico is getting all eruptiony:

The disaster prevention center, or CENAPRED, Monday afternoon said Popocatépetl erupted four times in the previous 24 hours, had 73 volcanic plumes and had two volcano tectonic earthquakes -- measuring in magnitudes 1.2 and 1.6, respectively.

"The CENAPRED urges you not to approach the volcano, espeicifcally the crater, due to the danger of falling ballistic fragments," CENAPRED said in a statement.

Just as with leaking nuclear reactors, if you have to be told not to run towards a mountain spewing out molten rock... Hey, I heard there's some rare pokemons wandering around on the slopes of that volcano! Go get 'em, neckbeards.

Monday, August 15, 2016

What about the magic hat?

Ah, Mormonism. You just can't make up this kinda crazy:

Not long ago, the Church published photos and background information on seer stones. People have asked me, “Do you really believe that Joseph Smith translated with seer stones? How would something like this be possible?” And I answer, “Yes! That is exactly what I believe.” This was done as Joseph said: by the gift and power of God.

In reality, most of us use a kind of “seer stone” every day. My mobile phone is like a “seer stone.” I can get the collected knowledge of the world through a few little inputs. I can take a photo or a video with my phone and share it with family on the other side of our planet. I can even translate anything into or from many different languages!

If I can do this with my phone, if human beings can do this with their phones or other devices, who are we to say that God could not help Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration, with his translation work? If it is possible for me to access the knowledge of the world through my phone, who can question that seer stones are impossible for God?

So basically, God gave ol' Crazy Joe Smith an iPhone? In the 19th century. Riiiight...

Also, tell me this guy's photo doesn't just scream slimeball:

"Nothing wrong with this fine automobile! Fifty percent off! Today and today only!"