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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Push back, damn you!

Tsar Putin continues to ratchet up the pressure:

NATO said Wednesday that it had intercepted a large number of Russian aircraft flying close to European airspace in the past two days, in an “unusual” series of incidents that brought Russian bombers as far afield as Portugal.

The aircraft — at least 19 in all — offered reminders of Russian air power at a time of the worst relations between the West and Russia since the Cold War. Russian military aircraft have significantly increased their activity in Europe since the conflict in Ukraine began earlier this year, with NATO scrambling to intercept aircraft more than 100 times in 2014. But a NATO official said the scale of the latest incidents was the most provocative this year.

Probe, observe, regroup, probe, observe, regroup, probe...

U.S. officials regard the flights as a show of force by the Putin government. “It’s concerning because it’s moving in the wrong direction,” said one U.S. defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the air activity publicly. “It’s not helping to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. It’s not helping to improve relations between NATO and Russia. It’s not helping anybody.”

Oh that's brilliant, you mewling kitten. You just told Putin EXACTLY what he wanted to hear. Instead of responding with force and pressure of our own, you just laid down on the floor and puked up little pussy words like "de-escalate" and "improve relations." All you've done is embolden him, because you've told him you're not doing anything about it and not planning on doing anything about it.

This is what happens when there are incompetent cowards in charge, as we currently have in the Obama administration. These are people who have probably never even been in a fistfight. They're type B personalities with compensation issues. They certainly don't understand high-stakes brinksmanship, because they've spent their entire lives looking down on people who did. In dealing with a realpolitik bruiser like Putin, they're so outclassed they're about to pee their pants. He's standing in their personal space, pushing on their sunken, bony little chests, and they're too scared to even look him in the eye, let alone push him back. Fucking pathetic.

To paraphrase Michelle Obama: For the first time in my life, I'm truly ashamed of my country.

More Stuff, Please!

UPDATE: I'm no fan of GM, but they get big brownie points for embracing the meme. Lucasfilm, you need to do lunch with these guys.



Those two tanks have the same water in them. The one on the right has oysters in it. As you can see, all the gunk has been sucked out of the water. Just guess where it went...

That's why I don't eat oysters. It is exactly the same as pulling a month-old filter out of your fish tank and chowing down on it. Ever seen a month-old filter from a fish tank? If you have, you just threw up in your mouth a little. Think about that the next time you feel like ordering raw oysters.


All bocked up

Dead lawyers. No, not really... but it made you smile. The ones in this story are unfortunately quite alive:

A small brewery in upstate New York has incurred the wrath of the Star Wars franchise by naming one of its signature lagers, "Strikes Bock." Lucasfilm has filed a "notice of opposition" against Empire Brewery, when it recently tried to trademark the beer.

"We named it 'Strikes Bock' because we thought it was a clever pun," Monica Palmer, Empire's director of marketing told CNN. "We weren't trying to infringe on anything. We were just trying to make a nice beer with a funny name."

Not so, says Lucasfilm, which notes in its filing:

----Applicant's EMPIRE STRIKES BOCK mark is virtually identical in sound, appearance, and connotation to Lucasfilm's THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK mark, differing by only one letter in the respective last words "BOCK" and "BACK," and the initial word "THE."

There were two ways to handle this situation. You probably saw it as soon as I did. One is to offer a licensing deal, use the advertising muscle of the Star Wars franchise to help this small brewery sell a Star Destroyer full of beer, reap the rewards of the royalties to add a bit more cash to the coffers, and generate good will among fans and drunks alike, (not to mention drunken fans such as myself).

The other option is to be a bunch of humorless, legalistic douchenozzles.

Great job, Lucasfilm. Really awesome. What's next? Maybe you'd like to punt some babies down Madison Avenue.

Remember, 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean is a damned good start.

Thursday Tunes

A rare recording of George Gershwin playing his musique magnifique -- that quintessential American composition, Rhapsody in Blue. George was renowned for his speed and dexterity as a pianist. Around 3:00, you'll hear him hit his stride. Stunning.

What I find very interesting about this recording is how different it is from most modern interpretations. In contemporary recordings, especially symphonic performances, there's an almost lyrical quality to it. Hypnotic, even. Here, as played by the man who wrote it, the feeling is one of force and speed and an "in your face" style... Anyway, it's one of the great pieces of American music, no matter how it's played, and arguably the very earliest roots of rock-n-roll.



Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sit down and shut up

Some entitlement-minded Jersey-ite crossed Chris Christie at a speech, who got enough of his whining and told him to "sit down and shut up." Apparently Entitlement Boy feels that he hasn't yet received enough freebies and handouts after hurricane Sandy, (which was the Worstest Baddest Horriblest Most Awfulest Hurricane EVAAARRR!!!!1, in case you missed it), so he decided to stand around with a sign and run his mouth during a speech. He picked on the wrong governor.

Say what you will about Christie -- and I know you SuperCons are all down on him because he dared to speak to Obama and *gasp* walk with him -- but the man has guts. He stared down the public unions over their bloated and broken pension systems, and he doesn't put up with crap from idiots like Entitlement Boy. He's a leader. After eight years of Dumbo, we're going to need a very strong leader in Washington. That is not Jeb Bush.

Great. Just great.

Where do you think that photo was taken? Germany? Britain? The American northwest? Nope. It's from the Ukraine. Like there weren't enough problems in that part of the world, there is now a growing national socialist faction among the hard right in Ukraine:

Right-wing Russian nationalists among the young overwhelmingly now support the Ukrainians and not the [Moscow-backed] Donetsk People’s Republic, according to Denis Tyukin, a member of the political council of the Russian national socialist movement.

Unlike moderately oppositional conservatives in Russia who call for Great Power patriotism based in Orthodoxy, these national revolutionaries are “inclined to paganism and to the eye of using force to struggle for power”

Oh, goood! Just what we needed: Nazis and Commies going at each other again with guns and tanks. Because that was such a fun party the last time around, being the most deadly front of the most deadly war in human history and all... Ladies and gents, please join me in providing a warm welcome to our newest arrival. Straight from war-torn Ukraine, it's World War III! Make him feel at home, folks; he'll be staying for a while.

More here.

Pastor Yoda

Have Jedi created a new 'religion'?

Your initial reaction is probably, "NO!" But stop and think for a second: it has exactly the same amount of factual credibility and supporting evidence as any other religion. People have been scribbling stuff down for millennia and calling it divine inspiration. If George Lucas as prophet sounds ridiculous -- and it does -- then consider that Christians believe the writers of the the New Testament were divinely inspired but that Mohammad was a rambling kook. The reverse is true as well, of course. Neither camp can back up a single word with credible evidence of metaphysical origin. That's true of any religion, because they are based upon belief; i.e., what you WANT to be true, not what you can prove.

Consider also that there are many people in this world -- politicians, for example -- who follow the Sith (bad guys from Star Wars) code, albeit unwittingly. It is based upon the idea that pursuit of absolute power is all that matters in life. Anything else and you're just a chump. In a sense, that is their religion.

So are these "jedi" a bunch of nutballs? Absolutely. But from my perspective, every religious adherent is some degree of nutball. Religion is simply the most popular coping mechanism for dealing with the curse placed upon us by sentience: knowledge of our own mortality.


As much as I'd like to be the Champion of Whatever, I'm pretty certain this is the winner of that particular crown.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Islam IS the Problem

From a recent speech in the Parliament of the Netherlands:

Madam Speaker, the Koran on the table before you is a handbook for terrorists. Blood drips from its pages. It calls for perpetual war against non-believers. That Koran before you is the hunting permit for millions of Muslims. A license to kill. That book is the Constitution of the Islamic State. What ISIS does is what Allah commands.

This bloodthirsty ideology was able to nestle in the Netherlands because our elites looked away. Neighborhoods such as Schilderswijk, Transvaal, Crooswijk, Slotervaart, Kanaleneiland, Huizen, you name it. There, the caliphate is under construction; there, the Islamic State is in preparation.

During the past ten years and two days , the ostrich Cabinets did nothing. It has nothing to do with Islam, they lied to the people. Imagine them having to tell the truth.

But the people have noticed. Two thirds of all Dutch say that the Islamic culture does not belong in the Netherlands. Including the majority of the electorate of the Labour Party, the majority of the voters of the VVD, the majority of the voters of the CDA, and all the voters of the PVV.

The voters demand that, after ten years and two days of slumber, measures are finally taken. The voters demand that something effective happen. No semi-soft palliatives. Allow me to make a few suggestions to the away-with-us mafia. Here are a few things which should happen starting today:

Recognize that Islam is the problem...

A few people in Europe and America are finally starting to wake up and see what's really happening. The cultural alarm clock is going off, but our so-called leaders have been hitting the snooze button for years. "Watch reality television! Listen to CBS News! Browse Facebook! Pay no attention to the man in the turban."

The unpalatable truth is that Western civilization is once again at war with Islam. That's so because Islam has declared war on the West -- against anyone who isn't a Muslim, in fact. Against infidels. You and me and pretty well everyone else who constitute Western civilization are infidels. Hence we are at war. We've been here many times over the past 1,400 years, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. Islam was created with the sole purpose of wiping out all other religions. Infidels may be converted, enslaved, or killed. You'll note that "tolerant coexistence" didn't make the list.

When someone declares war on you, saying "no" and tucking your head under the pillow isn't an option. So do we nuke the entire Middle East? No, that would be pointless. But you can do what Japan did: you can ban or severely restrict the practice of Islam inside your borders. If that violates your sense of moral superiority, if it makes you thrust a pasty-white trembling finger at the First Amendment, (which the Left are more than willing to ignore when it suits their purposes to do so), then tough nuts. Reality is a harsh mistress. You'd best learn to heed her lest she beat you to a bloody pulp.


A former CBS reporter describes what it's like to work inside the Obama Fan Club (a.k.a., mainstream news media). This anecdote stands out:

Reporting on the many green-energy firms such as Solyndra that went belly-up after burning through hundreds of millions in Washington handouts, Attkisson ran into increasing difficulty getting her stories on the air. A colleague told her about the following exchange: “[The stories] are pretty significant,” said a news exec. “Maybe we should be airing some of them on the ‘Evening News?’ ” Replied the program’s chief Pat Shevlin, “What’s the matter, don’t you support green energy?”

And that sums up the problem, doesn't it? If the news director is pausing to consider what he should or should not "support," then he's not delivering news, he's shoveling propaganda.

This started fifty years ago, the love affair between "counterculture," the Democrats and the media. Now we're seeing the fruits of that abominable coalition. It's become absolutely pervasive in American and British society, to that point that the hard lean to the left seems centrist to two entire generations of people. They grew up on the constant stream of distortions from the alphabet channel news shows, with the consequence that they now sincerely believe that Fox News is a hard right propaganda outlet. I guess it's understandable why they'd think that: when you're sitting on the left edge of the cliff, pretty much everything looks like it's to the right... even when it's dead center.


Angry Fat Chicks


Wal-Mart's online store used 'Fat Girl' as a subcategory for Halloween costumes designed for plus-sized women.

"This never should have been on our site. It is unacceptable, and we apologize. We are working to remove it as soon as possible and ensure this never happens again," Walmart spokesperson told CNBC.

The derogatory label was taken down by 11 a.m. ET on Monday morning. It was unclear what the retailer's intentions were for creating the category. The 'Fat Girl Costumes' site now redirects to an empty "Women's Plus Size Costumes" page.

Whatcha wanna be this Halloween, "plus size" girls? Wicked Witch of the Golden Corral? The Anti-Lohan? Jupiter?

Oh, I'm sorry; did I hurt your widdle feewings? Well, grow up. Sticks and stones, little sweethearts. Sticks and stones. Words only cause you harm if you allow them to do so. You can laugh or cry your way through life; it's your choice.

Double Standard

U.S. CDC says returning Ebola medical workers should not be quarantined

U.S. soldiers returning from Ebola mission in Liberia quarantined for 21 days

Apparently the U.S. Army understands infectious disease vectors better than the Centers for Disease Control. Unfortunately, that does not surprise me. Maybe the CDC should go back to studying gun control and leave the real work to the adults.


Know how I can tell that this article is full of shit? By this one sentence:

"For the second year in a row, GM is the most reliable domestic car company."

Reading through the entire article, their primary criteria for reliability seems to be how well the "infotainment" systems function. Yeah okay right. Whatever, Consumer Distorts.

Remember that this is the company which went out of their way to paint the Ford Explorer as a rollover hazard -- and by "out of their way," I mean they rigged the tests so it would fail. There exists video (which Consumer Reports have done their very best to scrub from the web) showing a Consumer Reports tester howling with glee as they finally get a Ford Explorer to roll over -- at nearly three times safe cornering speeds.

If Consumer Reports tells you the sky is blue, you'd best walk outside and check to be sure.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Um... no

Oh, this is rich. Under the heading "Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste," the least useful organization on the planet is now trying to use ebola to extort more money for their caviar:

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says a trust fund he launched to fight Ebola has only $100,000 in the bank.

Ban appealed urgently for contributions to the fund which is seeking $1 billion to tackle the disease.

Ban told reporters Thursday that the U.N. fund has received about $20 million and the rest was spent to combat the escalating Ebola crisis.

So... you spend $19,900,000.00 (of U.S. taxpayer money, for the most part) to "combat the escalating Ebola crisis" in west Africa, with the truly astounding result that the vile plague spreads even faster than it did before and is now threatening to turn into a worldwide epidemic. On the heels of that dazzlingly inept performance, you come to the bench with your hand out demanding FIFTY TIMES that much?! How about "Fuck you"? Does that work for you, UN-boy? Because I'm definitely thinking "FUCK YOU!"

Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

Useless fucking douchebags.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Public School Polka


A Mobile, Ala., mom says school officials forced her daughter to sign a contract promising not to commit suicide or harm others after the kindergartner "drew something that resembled a gun," then pointed a crayon at another kid and said "pew, pew!"

5-year-old Elizabeth was sent home after school officials made her take a questionnaire evaluating her for suicidal thoughts, then had her sign the safety contract promising to contact an adult if she was thinking of suicide or homicide.

I'm not even sure what to say. I'm having difficulty getting my brain to operate in the World of Abject Stupidity in which these school administrators apparently live.



Friday Timewaster

Asteroids. You know what to do.



Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hear! Hear!

Finally! A talking head with whom I can agree:

Fox News host and former Victoria's Secret model claims 'hot' young women are usually ignorant and should NOT vote or be allowed on juries because 'they don't get it'

Yes, and it's not just "hot young women"; the key word in the that sentence is "young." Twenty-one was a viable voting age 200 years ago. It is not viable today, even less so 18.

At 18 years of age, people are still trying to figure out how to act like adults (note that I said "act like," not "be"). Their highest priority is who they're going to sleep with and how soon that will happen. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it, because we've all been there. I voted once while in the Corps, and only then because the battalion commander browbeat us into "doing our civic duty." Those rare exceptions of truly politically-aware teens don't compensate for the damage caused by the 99% running in the herd.

The young are ignorant and naive of the world, prime targets for manipulative people. People like politicians. It is, of course, too late to do anything about it in the United States. Any proposal that infringes upon the absolute blanket universal suffrage which the Donks and Trunks have spent over a century carefully crafting will be shouted down by the aforementioned manipulators, with the Democrats -- primary predators on the young and naive -- leading the charge. Hell, I'm surprised they haven't tried to lower the voting age to 16, under the "logic" that if you're old enough to drive, you're old enough to vote. Give it another fifty years and the logic will be that if you're old enough to have an orgasm, you're old enough to vote. Idiocracy, here we come.

No, as nice as the thought of comprehensive electoral reform might be, it's not going to happen. Frankly, we're fucked. The country has sailed too far down Shit River. We're caught in the current and we're hearing the first rumblings of the cataracts ahead.


There's an app for that... unfortunately:

PhotoMath is the world’s first ‘camera calculator’. Point your smartphone’s camera towards a mathematical expression and PhotoMath instantly displays a correct result, also showing the step by step process it used to arrive at the answer.

Oh, goodie! Just what we needed; another way for the slackers to cheat their way through math classes. We already have people with bachelor degrees in engineering showing up in the workplace without a clue how to apply basic trigonometry in practical problem solving. Now they'll be arriving sans algebra and geometry skills, as well. Besides, who wants to endure all those tough math courses when you can take A Gender-Neutral Multicultural History of Underwater Lesbian Negro Basketweavers instead?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rise of the Pretend Men

Mind-bogglingly daft:

As you’ve probably noticed over the years, women’s colleges tend to be taken over by lesbians. As a young lady told me on New Year’s Eve 1981 in Manzanillo, she’d transferred from Smith College to Stanford because she liked men, which made her unpopular at Smith. Expensive female-only colleges like Smith and Wellesley have traditionally provided a protected sandbox where lesbian feminists who feel the urge to dominate other people, but can’t compete in leadership charisma with men, can control more docile girls without fear of the pretty girls being distracted by genuine boys.

But in recent years, an arms race has set in at women’s colleges, with a few attention-seeking lesbians declaring themselves to be “men.” Even though academic dogma says that gender is just a social construct with no biological basis, some of these “trans-men” shoot up with male hormones, and a few even have had themselves surgically mutilated.

Not surprisingly, their testosterone doses make them even more aggressive and effective at imposing themselves upon campus culture.

For example, at Wellesley a girl announced she was a boy named Timothy and became the only candidate running for multicultural affairs coordinator. Some Wellesley women started a campaign anonymously (fearing retribution from ferocious trans activists if they dared reveal their names) to abstain from voting for Timothy on the grounds that:

"Of all the people at a multiethnic women’s college who could hold the school’s “diversity” seat, the least fitting one was a white man [sic]."

Got all that? The woman who hated men and went to a women-only college so she could be around fellow lesbians decides that she wants to be a man so she can intimidate the lesbians.

That girl doesn't need to be in college, she needs to be in an insane asylum. Literally. In daily treatment. She's harboring a dangerously out-of-control inferiority complex.

On the bright side, the hard left are now eating their own, so... cheers!

How to lift a bike

*bleeping* *bleep* wh*bleep* mot*bleep*fuc*bleep* *bleepity-bleepin-bleep*

Hat-tip to Jeff W.


Motorized skates. What could possibly go wrong?