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Thursday, April 28, 2016

No! Really?!

North Korean missile launch fails

This is roughly analogous to "it snowed in Antarctica today" and "Sun rises in east, sets in west". You only need tell us when one doesn't fail, which will probably be shortly after never -- or right before South Korea turns the launch facility into a gooey yellow spot.


The former CEO for McDonald's does the math on the $15/hr minimum wage idea. His conclusions are pretty much what you already knew.

A few seconds observing this photo, however, will explain why using math in an argument against the idea will never work: these McMorons failed their math classes. That's why they think minimum wage laws are economically viable.

Enjoy unemployment, assholes. Maybe you can go back on the welfare plantation the Democrats built for you. Don't you think it's the LEAST BIT SUSPICIOUS that the people behind the SEIU are the same ones who want you dependent upon the government? Of course you don't; you're morons.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Microsoft has released a public test site for their CaptionBot, an artificial intelligence which attempts to analyze images uploaded by you and then provide a coherent English language description of them. For example, when I uploaded this photo of my dog...

...CaptionBot responded: "I think it's a dog laying on the ground." Not bad. Can't really expect a disconnected intelligence born in cyberspace to understand the distinction between a deck and the ground with such meager visual cues. A few more test images yielded similarly impressive results, sometimes with minor errors of interpretation.

Then I uploaded this photo and the response is pure gold:

"I think it's a person holding a sign and he seems 😐"

"He..." ROFLMAO.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016



See that? History is on my side. It's OVER, not UNDER... as should be immediately obvious to any sane, right-thinkin' person.

The Future

China is Building a Robot Army of Model Workers

Congratulations California! You will soon see this in just about every minimum wage job. I would say starting with your fast food, the front counter person will be replaced with a paying Kiosk. Fast food has one of the highest turn overs in employees, so why train someone for a week only to have them leave a month later to go and train someone else, when that person can be replaced with a touch screen.I read an article where someone is working on a robot chef to replace the cooks as well, so soon the only person will be a janitor and someone who takes the cash, but wait, we are moving away from cash more and more. You can even pay with your phone now. I predict that in ten years, you will have no human interaction in fast food. Your welcome, poor people and teenagers. Your entry level job into the workforce no longer exists.

Friday, April 22, 2016



No danger of that. The difference is quite obvious: most of the results of a Google search aren't trying to sell me a cabinet full of overpriced drugs.

If my choices are to gather information and filter it myself, or pay a GP with a lukewarm I.Q. and a degree from what's left of our so-called university system to filter it for me, I choose the former. General practitioners exist to: 1) Get you on as many recurring medications as possible and; 2) Collect referral fees from the specialists they send you to after they order lab tests and then scratch their heads like a monkey trying to peel a plastic banana when they get the results.

In riposte, please do not confuse your medical degree with my significantly higher intelligence, because I react very poorly to being patronized.

Oh, aren't you the clever one?

Obviously a future stand-up comedian... or stripper. They're pretty much the same thing.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Well... alrighty, then.

Bench-clearing brawl in Lingerie Football League after chick chugs beer on field

You know I couldn't have made that shit up, so just go watch the video.

Dead Boyfriends

Religion of Peace:

Two female terrorists admitted that they carried out an attack against Jews because they wanted to die. The reason the girls sought death was because many handsome male terrorists were killed as martyrs and they wanted to unite with them in the afterlife.

Seems perfectly logical. I mean, if the virgins aren't dying in droves, where are the male terrorists going to get their promised 72 virgins in the afterlife? As a bonus, that math doesn't look good for Islam as a going concern. This is a trend which should be encouraged.

Pretty much...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Human Rats

Walter Williams addresses the latest ravings from the Left about free medical care being a human right.

As human beings, we all have certain natural rights. Of the rights we possess, we have a right to delegate them to government. For example, we all have a natural right to defend ourselves against predators. Because we possess that right, we can delegate it to government. By contrast, I do not have a right to take one person's earnings to give to another. Because I have no such right, I cannot delegate it to government. If I did take your earnings to provide medical services for another, it would rightfully be described and condemned as an act of theft. When government does the same, it's still theft, albeit legalized theft.

The idea that medical care is a "human right" is rooted in the bankrupt concept that all human life has inherent value. That's hogwash. People only have value relative to what they contribute to the advancement of human civilization. Someone who sits on their ass, survives by taking from others and pays no taxes is simply a gene pool contaminant. Like all parasites, they should be actively and aggressively exterminated.

Hat-tip to Vizigoth

A Special Kind of Lazy

Bernie Sanders was booted from commune for laziness

Even the no-account slacker hippies thought Bernie was a no-account slacker. This is the guy who says he wants the hardest job in the world. Yeah... we're not hiring right now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Please Kill Kenny


A man who called the fire brigade after accidentally locking himself in his bathroom says he feared he would be stuck there for days. Kenny Baker, from Park Farm, Ashford, Kent, locked the door when he went for a shower, despite being home alone. But the door handle broke, trapping the 26-year-old inside.

"There is no window in the room, only a small vent, so I worried I would run out of oxygen."

Poor Kenny. He's just another of the effeminate metrosexual pretend-males linking us to the imminent idiocracy which used to be called Western civilization. You can't really hate a retard; he can't help being a retard, after all. But you can certainly hate where the retards are taking us as a society.